Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thank You, Lord For Your Blessings On Me!

The Lord is soooo good and soooo forgiving.   I have been through alot in my life and I've had friends and family ask:  How can you be so strong ?  How can you go on?  How can you be so forgiving?   My answer is always the same I can't , It's the God in me!  Then I start to think :  How can a person be strong without God?  How can a person go on after a tragedy in their life without God?  How can a person be forgiving without having God  as a role model?  My answer to these is I have no idea how anyone can do anything without God's help!  Think about it He's the one that puts breath in you body, the One that gives you strength to get up in the morning, the one that reminds you when someone does you wrong "you must forgive just as I have forgiven you"  and the one that let His own son die for you! 

So my new motto is:  DON'T WORRY LET GOD HANDLE IT!

Ok with that off my chest , I wanted to update on Brittany.  She is doing well and is almost 28 weeks.  She has a little problem with having false labor, but I know my Lord is going to let Ana Marie come when He gets ready and has us ready.   I'm will be posting the lastest ultrasound pics as soon as I download them!

Love & Prayes,

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