Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wow!  It's been another amazing month!  Here it is April, already.  Where did March go?  God is Great!  Jerry had to go back in the hospital on March 25 and have another surgery.  He is doing better and back home.  He stayed in this time for a week.  He came home with an open wound, so I'm getting to get a little training in!  Brittany is 31 weeks and already having contractions!  She is taking medication for that and hopefully Ana Marie will stay put for a little while longer! 

Also in March we had our Church's Ladies Retreat in Branson. So I'm including some pictures from that.
This is Shirley and Tena acting silly and Ms. Bonnie just looking on!

This year I got the chance to stay at these nice condos thanks to a nice lady at our church!

It was a three bedroom and this is Shirley and my room.

This was Ms. Ruby and Ms. Bonnie's room.

This was the third room.

It was nice to have home cook meals and not have to go out and also not to be the one to cook!

Saturday Morning...playing games at church!

The Saturday Luncheon!

Saturday night , before service!

We even got some snow on the way home!

I'm looking to next year already!  On to other news, I starting teaching Sunday School.  Ive taught two Sundays so far and I'm loving it.  I thank God for allowing me this oppurtunity!  Hopefully next time I blog it may be about my beautiful!


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