Sunday, March 7, 2010

My God Never Ceases To Amaze Me!

It's been another rough past Month!  Jerry had to go in and have an unexpected surgery.  Going in the Doctors told us of all the things that could be wrong and what they would have to do once they got in and found out what was causing the problem.  I call Bro Pankey(my pastor) at soon as we heard this.  He and my church family had been praying for us from the beginning when we first went to the hospital.  My pastor said he was coming over to try and pray with us before Jerry went in for surgery (even though it was after 1 in the morning).  Bro Pankey did get there just in time and it made Jerry and I sooo much more at ease.   I was still worried and tried not to let it show.  I got a call from the surgery team and said they had gotten started with surgery and Jerry was doing fine and they would call me when they were done.  I never will forget when I got the call about and hour later the Doctor called with some amazing news Jerry was in recovery and doing find they found a small abrasion and were able to fix it and they didn't have to do any of the things they said they thought they would have to.  I know God touch him and healed him , because the Doctors were amazed that such a small spot could cause the problems he was having!  God has once again proven that He is still in control.  Thanks to the Pankeys and my wonderful church family for all the prayers!


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