Friday, September 18, 2009

Family Reunion

We recently went to The Taylor Family Reunion (Which is Jerry's Moms Family)

This is Jerry's Cousin Louise and
Aunt Virgina.

Lets Just say I didn't realize that he had sooo much talent in his family!

This little boy here is blind and can sing and play
the keyboard!

Brittany kept herself busy with the horses and Llama!

Bradley didn't really want to go,but enjoyed  time with his dad, cousins and all the great food!

We all ended up enjoying spending time with family!

All in all it was a great get away day!  I enjoyed getting to meet all the christians in Jerry's family that I haven't got a chance to meet and socialize with before!  Lets see there is a preacher , christian artist, singers, keyboard player and several people who can play the guitar.  To tell you the truth he has alot of talent in his family.  I just wished they lived closer to us and we could get together more. 



  1. Looks like more fun than the Darby reunion in the hot sun. :)

    Gotta love the food!!

  2. Karen,

    That looks like alot of fun...and lots of good food! Wow...that is alot of talent in one family!

    I can't believe Brittany is 16 already...working & driving!